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Zia International© is one of best schools in electronic city phase 1, a group of schools imparting education from kindergarten to senior secondary level. We believe, success is the result of consistent effort with motivation, over a period of time with a clear objective and mission. We at Zia, a conglomeration of highly skilled corporate professionals, are committed to repeat our success stories through our young Indians. We have adopted education, as a tool for social, economic and professional success. For that, students should be skilled at science, commerce and humanities, by using technology and innovative means in pedagogy rather than mere learning and gaining knowledge.  

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Admissions 2023-24


  • Admissions 2023-24

    Admissions are now open for the session 2023-24 for all classes from LKG-12th.

  • We Are Hiring

    We are thrilled to announce that our school is currently hiring talented and passionate teachers for various subjects! We are looking for individuals who are dedicated to providing an outstanding education to our students and who are committed to fostering a love of learning in the classroom.

Founding Director's message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The year 2023 began with the news of ChatGPT, a US-based open AI chatbot and massive layoffs by leading multinational corporations. Although these two happenings may not be causally related, the spectre of AI is looming large over the workforce. The future of humanity is as much uncertain as it is exciting. The rapid technological advancements in recent decades have left the traditional knowledge and skill-sets obsolete in the modern job market. The reasons for such obsolescence of skill sets lie in the non-commensurate advancement in our educational setups, especially in schools. If we don’t take the requisite steps now, our demographic dividend might turn into a demographic disaster. Our school curricula and pedagogy need massive upheaval in order to keep pace with such rapid advancements in the nature of jobs.

Naseem Ahmed Owner of Zia International School

With this daunting scenario in mind, we have laid the foundation of Zia International School (ZIS) in electronic city phase 1 this year. ZIS brings together our decades of corporate experience and our resolute passion for teaching and learning. At ZIS, we endeavor to inculcate analytical thinking and problem-solving skills in our pupils rather than mere rote learning. Our curriculum is designed to instil in them the requisite capabilities to transition through the challenges of modern life. As we embark on this exciting journey, we welcome you to ZIS to be a part of our transformative endeavor. Your support and involvement are essential to the success of our school, and we look forward to working with you to create a brighter future for our students.

Thank you for considering Zia International School as the next step in your child’s educational journey. We cannot wait to see what amazing things they will achieve.

With best regards,

Nasim Ahmad

Director, Zia Group

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The academic year 2023 is about to start. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you here as the principal of Zia International School, Electronic city Phase 1 Bangalore. May I lend a moment of yours, let us stay calm to deliberate that our day starts with our kids and it ends with them. In this everyday’s journey, we put them in the custodianship of school for eight to ten hours, hoping to see them nourish, grow, learn, and move toward achieving our shared dreams. Therefore, we at ZIS take your kid’s responsibility with a sense that they are here with a purpose, hope, and aspirations.  And, it is our duty to exceed your expectation to make your day start with a smile and end with fulfilment. As the principal of this school, I am proud to share with you the principles and values which guide us in providing our students with excellent quality education. 

Fasiha Banu Zia International School Principal

We are highly skilled corporate professionals with a team of highly dedicated and passionate teachers who have graduated from the most prestigious institutions in the country, including the IITs. They are equipped with the requisite skill-sets to navigate our students through the challenges of today’s education. We believe that the horizons of quality education extend beyond academics. Therefore, we have many co- and extra-curricular activities that provide a holistic educational experience. Therefore, our curriculum entails various academic and non-academic modules for the child’s character-building and social development. These modules inculcate honesty, self-respect, compassion, trust, and transparency in the students, the qualities that go a long way in creating a positive and purposeful life. At ZIS, we celebrate the diversity, inherent in our social fabrics and prepare our students to truly become responsible global citizen. We provide a safe, secure, and inclusive environment and believe that discipline and empathy are the hallmarks of academic life.

As we enter into the new academic year, let’s be a part of this exciting journey. I thank you for your trust and confidence in ZIS and reaffirm our commitment to ensuring a brighter future for our kids.


Fasiha Banu Khan

Principal cum Academic Director,

Zia International School

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Zia International is a group of schools committed to bringing about transformative change in society through a systemic overhaul of school education. We at Zia, believe that value-based quality education is the only tool to bring about transformative change in society. We are a conglomeration of highly skilled corporate professionals who are committed to repeat of our success stories through our young Indians.